Visualized MLB Standings, 8/17/14

In an effort to better illustrate the evolving power rankings within Major League Baseball this year I’ve inserted a subsequent chart in addition to the standard one found directly below. As before the initial chart represents the entire regular season; only June, July ,and August games are included in the second visual.

The chart below displays team abilities since the aforementioned June 1st cutoff date. Using this particular lens gives the impression that the best team may be harder to identify than simply throwing an “Oakland” blanket over everything and calling it a day. As can be construed by playing with the table below, the Athletics have in fact been only the 6th best MLB team since Memorial Day; Seattle, whose exploits I touched on a couple weeks ago, has catapulted ahead of the field in that time. The Mariners are playing to a .678 adjusted win% since the end of May, nearly a full standard deviation ahead of the second best team over that period of time. National league supremacy appears to be a contest between Washington and Los Angeles as both have all but punched their playoff tickets and have pulled away from the rest of the senior circuit pack in the summer months.

2014 MLB Regular Season, sorted by Pyth Win% descending

Pyth Win%
Actual Win%
Pyth Win%, post Memorial Day
Pyth Win% Delta
Oakland Athletics4.83.50.6460.5930.591-0.055
Seattle Mariners3.93.10.6070.5410.6780.071
Los Angeles Angels4.73.90.5830.5950.5870.004
Washington Nationals4.23.60.570.5620.6140.044
Baltimore Orioles4.33.80.5580.570.6210.063
Detroit Tigers4.54.10.540.5450.5520.012
Kansas City Royals43.70.5370.5490.5950.058
Los Angeles Dodgers43.70.5320.560.5740.042
Tampa Bay Rays3.93.70.5310.4960.6020.071
Cleveland Indians4.34.10.5210.5080.5590.038
Milwaukee Brewers4.34.10.5190.5560.512-0.007
Toronto Blue Jays4.44.30.5160.5160.476-0.04
Cincinnati Reds3.83.70.5110.50.5520.041
San Francisco Giants3.83.80.510.520.456-0.054
Pittsburgh Pirates4.34.30.4990.520.5450.046
Atlanta Braves3.83.80.4920.5120.479-0.013
St, Louis Cardinals3.83.90.4870.5330.45-0.037
New York Mets3.840.4860.4760.4970.011
Minnesota Twins4.24.40.4780.4550.4820.004
San Diego Padres3.23.40.4770.4750.5240.047
New York Yankees44.20.4760.5120.4770.001
Miami Marlins4.14.40.4650.4960.397-0.068
Boston Red Sox3.94.20.4650.4590.448-0.017
Chicago White Sox4.24.60.4580.4720.441-0.017
Chicago Cubs3.84.40.4410.4260.432-0.009
Houston Astros44.60.440.4110.42-0.02
Colorado Rockies4.75.40.4350.3820.365-0.07
Philadelphia Phillies3.94.60.4290.4390.4460.017
Arizona Diamondbacks44.70.4190.4310.4520.033
Texas Rangers44.90.4090.3820.354-0.055

Visualized MLB Standings, 8/10/14

Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter

Manager Buck Showalter and the Orioles have cemented themselves as the AL East front runners in recent weeks.

MLB Standings through August 9, 2014, sorted by overall expected win % descending

Pyth Win%
Actual Win%
Pyth Win%, post Memorial Day
Pyth Win% Delta
Oakland Athletics4.93.40.66472440.6210.622-0.042
Seattle Mariners3.83.10.59261550.5260.6480.056
Los Angeles Angels4.840.58568480.5860.590.005
Baltimore Orioles4.33.70.56567490.5780.6390.074
Washington Nationals4.23.60.56363520.5480.6040.041
Detroit Tigers4.54.10.54563510.5530.5630.018
Toronto Blue Jays4.54.20.53362560.5250.505-0.028
Kansas City Royals43.70.53362530.5390.5940.061
Los Angeles Dodgers43.80.52466520.5590.5650.041
Tampa Bay Rays43.80.5257590.4910.5820.062
Milwaukee Brewers4.44.20.51965520.5560.512-0.007
Cleveland Indians4.44.30.51358590.4960.5440.031
Cincinnati Reds3.83.70.51259580.5040.5610.049
San Francisco Giants3.83.70.50862560.5250.452-0.056
Pittsburgh Pirates4.24.20.50362540.5340.5580.055
New York Yankees44.10.49161550.5260.5080.017
New York Mets3.83.90.48856610.4790.5030.015
Atlanta Braves3.73.90.48459570.5090.464-0.02
St, Louis Cardinals3.73.90.48361540.530.436-0.047
Minnesota Twins4.24.50.47251640.4430.4720
Miami Marlins4.24.50.46657590.4910.397-0.069
San Diego Padres3.13.40.45953620.4610.4990.04
Boston Red Sox3.84.20.45851650.440.427-0.031
Chicago White Sox4.24.60.45756620.4750.439-0.018
Houston Astros44.50.44849680.4190.428-0.02
Chicago Cubs3.94.50.44149660.4260.431-0.01
Colorado Rockies4.75.40.43245720.3850.355-0.077
Philadelphia Phillies3.94.50.42852650.4440.4460.018
Arizona Diamondbacks4.14.90.41951660.4360.4560.037
Texas Rangers4.14.90.41845710.3880.364-0.054