Visualized MLB Standings, 7/27/14

The standings table below has been enhanced to give more perspective upon which teams have elevated their level of play as the season has progressed. As can be seen below in the “Pyth Win% Delta” column (I dare anyone to think up a geekier name), the Orioles have made the biggest strides when accounting only for games since roughly June 1st. In the national league, Washington has improved immensely as they have gotten players back (i.e. Bryce Harper) and fortified their lineup; traditional contenders St. Louis and San Francisco have surprisingly faltered in the summer heat.

Increase in Overall Performance since June 1st, MLB teams, sorted in descending order

Pyth Win%
Actual Win%
Pyth Win%, post Memorial Day
Pyth Win% Delta
Baltimore Orioles4.23.90.5350.5530.6010.066
Kansas City Royals43.80.5150.5150.5780.063
Los Angeles Dodgers4.13.80.5350.5520.5950.06
Washington Nationals4.23.60.570.5540.6280.058
Tampa Bay Rays3.93.90.5010.490.5570.056
Pittsburgh Pirates4.24.30.490.5240.5450.055
Seattle Mariners3.83.20.5720.5190.6210.049
Arizona Diamondbacks4.14.80.4250.4330.4720.047
Cincinnati Reds3.83.80.5010.5050.5440.043
Cleveland Indians4.44.30.510.490.5430.033
Detroit Tigers4.74.20.5480.5640.5780.03
San Diego Padres33.40.4450.4470.4720.027
Los Angeles Angels4.940.5950.6020.620.025
Philadelphia Phillies3.94.50.4330.4330.4550.022
New York Mets3.940.4950.4710.5120.017
Chicago White Sox4.24.40.4840.4860.4980.014
New York Yankees44.20.4820.5240.4930.011
Minnesota Twins4.14.40.4610.4470.45-0.011
Atlanta Braves3.73.70.5060.5380.495-0.011
Milwaukee Brewers4.44.20.5140.5620.502-0.012
Chicago Cubs44.60.440.4120.424-0.016
Boston Red Sox3.94.10.470.4520.453-0.017
St, Louis Cardinals3.83.70.5080.5340.479-0.029
Toronto Blue Jays4.54.30.5280.5240.494-0.034
Oakland Athletics4.93.30.6720.6210.632-0.04
Houston Astros3.94.70.4230.4040.378-0.045
San Francisco Giants3.93.70.5150.5430.447-0.068
Texas Rangers44.90.4140.3940.343-0.071
Colorado Rockies4.85.40.4520.4130.374-0.078
Miami Marlins4.34.50.4710.4850.386-0.085

Visualized MLB Standings, 7/20/14

As can be seen below parity is all the rage in Major League Baseball these days outside of a handful of California-based franchises. San Diego is covering all their bases as they currently have the best run prevention and worst run production in the sport (and yes, the plot takes park factor into consideration).
The reasons behind a lack of disparity among so many teams are many, but a big one is the seemingly like-minded approach a lot of front offices have developed with the saber metric revolution of the last 15-20 years. Baseball decision makers are more educated overall than they have ever been. In the short-term, and perhaps the long-term as well, this opens the door for small market teams to achieve greater things on the field with more regularity due to the increasing accessibility of vital player information.

Pyth Win%
Actual Win%
Oakland Athletics4.83.30.66760370.619
Los Angeles Angels54.10.59658380.604
Seattle Mariners3.83.20.5852450.536
Washington Nationals4.23.70.56552430.547
Detroit Tigers4.74.30.54253410.564
Los Angeles Dodgers43.70.5354450.545
Baltimore Orioles4.240.52853430.552
Toronto Blue Jays4.44.20.52750480.51
San Francisco Giants3.93.70.52554440.551
St, Louis Cardinals3.83.60.51954440.551
Cleveland Indians4.54.30.51550470.515
Cincinnati Reds43.90.51451460.526
Kansas City Royals43.90.51248480.5
New York Mets440.50546510.474
Atlanta Braves3.73.70.50453440.546
Milwaukee Brewers4.44.40.554440.551
Pittsburgh Pirates4.24.20.49851460.526
Tampa Bay Rays3.940.48546530.465
New York Yankees4.14.30.48149470.51
Chicago White Sox4.24.40.4847510.48
Minnesota Twins4.24.40.47744520.458
Miami Marlins4.34.70.46544520.458
Boston Red Sox3.84.10.46445520.464
Chicago Cubs44.40.45340560.417
Colorado Rockies4.85.50.44240580.408
Philadelphia Phillies3.94.40.44143540.443
Houston Astros3.94.50.42840580.408
San Diego Padres2.93.40.42742550.433
Arizona Diamondbacks4.14.80.42542560.429
Texas Rangers4.150.41339580.402